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Designer Bums Daydream Island Cloth Nappy


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Designer Bums modern cloth nappies offer a super trim fit and stunning limited-edition hand designed prints. Each nappy comes with two ultra-absorbent tri-layer bamboo inserts made of high quality, natural bamboo fabric. The inserts include a long anchor-shaped insert that can be folded and customised to boost where necessary as well as a rectangular snap-in booster.

The waterproof outer PUL layer is lined with a silky soft suede cloth inner-lining which acts as a pocket so inserts can be stuffed inside to make a pocket nappy or inserts can be laid on top and snapped in place. The suede cloth is a one-way fabric which allows liquid to pass through while keeping bubs skin dry.

Designer Bums are known for their snug and trim fit and will fit MOST children. They are a one size fits most nappy designed to fit from newborn to toddler toilet training (approximately 15-16+ kg). At some growth phases particularly with chubby babes, the fit may not be perfect or run a little tight, however as the infant body rapidly changes so does the sizing on the nappy.

Why have we selected this product?

  • Nappy includes cloth nappy cover plus 2 bamboo inserts
  • Choose to use as an All-in-2 nappy or a Pocket nappy
  • One size fits all (from 3.5kg to 15-16kg), newborn to toilet training
  • Economical – save money by avoiding disposable nappies
  • Washable and reusable
  • Healthy for your baby – no chemicals close to their skin
  • Bamboo inserts offer superior absorbency
  • Long anchor insert can be folded into various combinations to offer extra absorption where it’s needed
  • PUL outer layer prevents any leaks

Product Stats:

Material:  PUL outer lining with bamboo inserts 
Dimensions / weight: One size (fits 3.5kg to 15-16kg)
Made in: China