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Eco Turtle Life – Reusable Beauty Buds


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Single use plastic cotton buds are so last year! Compostable bamboo cotton buds are a wonderful alternative but if they aren’t your jam either then how about these reusable beauty buds by Eco Turtle Life?

The Polycarbonate stem and silicone buds nestled safely in a magnetic bamboo case are designed to last up to a decade. By my calculation, if you use just two disposable buds a day, you’ll save 7300 buds from landfill or worse; the ocean. Proof that small changes can make a HUGE impact.

These beauty buds feature four different shaped tips making them ideal for applying, correcting or removing makeup, shaping eyebrows, removing dirt, grease etc. If you’re using these to clean your ears the 'bubble tip' would be the best option however we do recommend being careful with use (DO NOT push into your ear).

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Durable and reusable
  • Last up to 10 years
  • Saves thousands of disposable cotton buds from landfill or the ocean
  • 2 beauty buds included
  • 4 different shaped soft-feel silicone buds (grey colour)
  • Strong and durable biodegradable Polycarbonate stem
  • Easy to clean (see instructions below)
  • Packaged in a beautiful bamboo case with two small magnets to keep closed
  • Ideal for your daily beauty and make-up routine
  • BPA free

Product Stats: 

Material:  Grey buds = silicone. Stem = 100% biodegradable Polycarbonate (PC). Case = Bamboo.
Dimensions / weight: Case 10.5cm long
Made in: China

Message from the manufacturer: We recommend you clean with body wash or warm water. No need to scrub the bud. If you would like some extra cleaning then it is fine to put in boiling water or a body safe disinfectant.

This product is intended for external use only. As with disposable cotton buds, please be careful not to insert into ears or other body parts! We specialise in providing sustainable alternatives, not removing misplaced buds. We also won't be held liable for any costs associated with the above. Sorry!