• Green_Essentials_Double_Bento_Stainless_Steel_Lunchbox_1400ml
  • Green_Essentials_Double_Bento_Stainless_Steel_Lunchbox_1400ml
  • Green_Essentials_Double_Bento_Stainless_Steel_Lunchbox_1400ml
Green Essentials

Green Essentials Double Bento Stainless Steel Lunchbox 1400ml

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This large Green Essentials round double Bento stainless steel lunchbox features two layers which can be stacked together and pressure sealed using the two side roll clamps. It is perfect to carrying meals such a pasta, stew or casserole (that is not too saucy) on the top level with a bread roll on the lower level. Picking up takeaway or filling with rice, pasta, salad, sandwiches, wraps, fruit or other snacks would also work perfectly. 

Why have we selected this product? 

  • 201 food grade stainless steel which won’t retain or impart flavours
  • Dual layered lunchbox with dual capacity of 1400ml
  • Two side roll clamps which create a pressure seal (ideal for all food except really liquidy meals as it cannot be guaranteed 100% leak proof)
  • Detachable lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Zero plastic 
  • Ideal for plastic-free takeaways

Product Stats: 

Material:  201 food grade stainless steel
Dimensions / weight: Top layer 900ml, Bottom layer 500ml, 8cm height (stacked), 16cm diameter x 12.5 cm height
Made in: India