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HannahPad Probiotic Laundry Soap

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This probiotic laundry soap is an eco-friendly, yet powerful soap made with plant based oil, sodium hydroxide and probiotics so you can clean your Hannahpads and other laundry by hand without irritation.

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Can also be used on other clothing to remove most stains
  • Alkaline product with great cleansing and rinsing power
  • Use to hand wash only
  • Safe to use on underwear and baby clothes
  • No surfactants, fragrance, optical brighteners or phosphates 
  • Irritation-free

Product Stats: 

Material: Plant Based Natural Oil (77%), Sodium Hydroxide (10%), Probiotics (6%), Water (6%), Bamboo Vinegar (1%)
Dimensions / weight: 200g
Made in: Korea