My Last Bag

My Last Bag Reusable Bulk Food Bag - Large


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Bulk food shopping is an amazingly effective way of reducing the amount of plastic packaging you bring into your home. My Last Bag reusable bulk food bags will allow you to shop at bulk food stores in style, without the need for plastic or paper bags AND you won’t need to decant your goods into another container once you get home.

My Last Bag reusable bags are made from hemp which is one of the most sustainable fabrics available. The large bulk food bag has two closing positions allowing you to roll down the bag further and clip into place as you use more of the contents of the bag. The bags are also lined with a certified food safe TPU layer for added freshness and easy cleaning.

Why have we selected this product?

  • No more plastic or paper bags (did you know it takes more than 4 times the energy to produce a paper bag than it does to produce a plastic bag?)
  • Reduce your waste
  • No need to transfer to another container when you get home
  • Store in pantry, fridge or freezer
  • Tare weight printed on bag for easy checkout
  • Made from sustainable unbleached, undyed hemp fabric
  • Certified food safe TPU liner for added freshness (BPA free)
  • Easy to clean – simply turn inside out and wipe clean
  • Comes with a bonus pencil to write the name of the produce on the label
  • Perfect for flours, rice, sugar, lentils, dried beans, quinoa, oats, grains, nuts or chocolates
  • Also available in small size
Product Stats:
Material:  Unbleached, undyed hemp with TPU liner
Dimensions / weight: Large: 32cm L x 20cm W (holds 14 cups)
Made in: China