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Solitary Native Bee Home

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These beautiful solitary native bee homes are a safe, low-maintenance way to support native species, practice active conservation, and learn about ecology.

This designer home provides the ideal nesting site for SOLITARY NATIVE BEES including Reed Bees, Leafcutters, Resin Bees and Carpenter and Masked Bees (among the 1500+ species of these fabulous native pollinators). These sole operators do not produce honey and do not live in hives – they do provide a lot of free labour in your garden though! All you have to do is select a well sheltered position (out of full sun) and simply hang your bee home from a standard screw or sit it on a shelf. There is no need to do anything else – just wait for the bees to find this purpose built nesting site. However, if you want to speed up the process, plant more and varied flowering plants, natives and herbs and don’t use pesticides. 

These unique solitary bee homes are hand created locally in a solar-powered workshop and are sustainably made. The Woodsman ‘harvest’ untreated ‘waste’ timbers and discarded materials relinquished to landfill and then revive and restore them. Their commitment to upcycling means all Woodsman homes are unique, original and organic. 

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Made from upcycled wood that would otherwise been discarded in landfill
  • Hand created locally and sustainably in a solar powered workshop
  • Provides the ideal nesting and rest habitat for native Australian bees and bugs; the under-appreciated, hardest working ecologists in your backyard!
  • Each home is filled with a variety of fallen, discarded and unwanted gathered materials including acacia, bamboo, pine, eucalyptus, bottlebrush, clay, brick stone, grasses and paperbark.
  • So beautiful, its like a piece of art as well as a bee home
  • Makes an excellent gift 

Product Stats: 

Material:  Upcycled timber and filled with fallen organic matter
Dimensions / weight: 18cm H x 11cm W x 10cm D
Made in: Australia


A message from Little Eco Shop:

Due to the unique nature of these handmade creations, we cannot offer the option of selecting a specific colour. Please feel free to specify in the comments which colour you’d prefer or which colour you would like to avoid and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Thank you for your understanding.

Please also note that each bee home is unique and will differ in appearance depending on what salvaged materials are available at the time of construction. However, I can assure you that each home is as beautiful as the next!



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