• Sustomi_Silicone _Food_Pouch_1.5L
  • Sustomi_Silicone _Food_Pouch_1.5L
  • Sustomi_Silicone _Food_Pouch_1.5L

Sustomi Silicone Food Pouch (1Pk) - 1.5L


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Sustomi’s silicone food pouches are a versatile alternative to single-use plastics such as ziplock bags. These silicone pouches can withstand a range of temperatures meaning you can transfer your food from the freezer to the fridge and then into the microwave without having to remove it from the pouch. This versatile pouch can be used to store pre-cut vegetables to help reduce meal prep time, you can use them to freeze pre-made meals, you can store open vegetables or perishables in them to help prolong their life or you can even take them camping and boil your favourite heart-warming meal over the stove. 

Why have we selected this product? 

  • 100% pure platinum silicone
  • Withstands temperatures up to 230°C
  • Transparent so you know exactly what is inside
  • Food safe
  • Odourless and stain proof
  • Made from silicone (an abundant natural resource)
  • Lightweight, flexible and won’t harden or crack
  • Microwave-, oven- and freezer-safe
  • Leak proof with charcoal coloured slide closure
  • Holds up to 1.5 litres of liquid 
  • Ideal for marinating meats, tofu or veggies, storing pre-cut veggies, storing liquids like soap or stocks, storing meals in portions, keeping open cut fruit and veg fresh in the fridge, bulk food shopping, using as a sandwich bag, storing your breakfast smoothie ingredients etc etc.

Product Stats: 

Material:  Pure platinum silicone
Dimensions / weight: 21cm H x 24cm W, 1.5 Litre
Made in: China

Note from the Manufacturer: when heating the pouch, make sure you remove the slider first to prevent melting