Mother’s Day 2022: The Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Ah, our dear mums! Where would we be without them? Whether biological, adoptive, step, or mother figure, we adore the special ladies in our lives, who protect us, guide us, and unselfishly give so much of themselves to help us. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil them and steer them away from the plastic, and chemical laden beauty products they seem so loyally devoted to!

If your mum is stuck on nineties mode, ladling simmering casseroles into thirty-year old Tupperware and slathering herself with Revlon, we’ve got the remedy. Treat your mama bear, while improving her wellbeing and helping her do right by the planet, by taking your pick from our 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Our beautiful selection will convert even the staunchest traditionalist into earth mother.


The Naked Soap Co. Natural Bath Products, $8.00 - $18.50

Eco Packaging? Tick!

Affordable? Tick!

Chock full of skin-loving and earth-friendly ingredients? Tick tickety tick!

We are loving on The Naked Soap Company – the latest addition to the Little Eco Shop family – and we know mum will, too. There is nothing more indulgent than a soothing aromatherapy bath, packed with nourishing minerals, to revive soul and skin. Take your pick from natural bath bombs, bath salts and lush, buttery soaps – she’ll adore them all.


Little Wildling Co. Tea Infuser, $13.95

Is there an unwritten rule of motherhood that it’s mandatory to offer your kids a cuppa as soon as they walk through the door? If a cup of tea with mum is medicine for your soul, but you don’t want either of you ingesting plastic microparticles from tea bags, gift mum some loose leaf tea along with this little marvel: Little Wilding Co.’s stainless steel tea infuser. Generously sized and with a wide rim for ease of use, tea afficionados will love the stronger, purer brew that accompanies loose leaf tea.


Retro Kitchen Co. Carry your Cutlery in Botanical, $29.95

If she’s forever singing the blues about the dearth of cutlery in the staff kitchen and dodgy disposables that never seem to properly cut or pick up food, this handy reusable cutlery set will cure mum’s woes, while tackling waste. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel and packaged in a gorgeous metal tin, it features a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and straw, as well as a straw cleaning brush and a washable calico pouch for separating used cutlery from clean.


rCup Reusable Coffee Cup, $24.95

Mums never don’t need coffee, and require the ability to do everything one-handed, making the rCup a perfect addition to the lives of busy mums everywhere. Lightweight, leakproof and with a 360-degree pop top drinking spout, operational with one hand, we especially love the rCup for its generous 12-ounce size and its ability to keep coffee hot for over an hour. Plus it’s made entirely from recycled coffee cups and will last for more than ten years, which is the approximate amount of time since mum last enjoyed her coffee hot.


Buff Wand Glass Nail File & Buffer, $24.95

Why do mums always seem to have a nail file at the ready? If yours appreciates a finely manicured hand, you could gift her a salon mani that’ll last two weeks max OR the best thing for her nails since manicures were invented. The Buff Wand is an innovative glass product that replaces a nail file, buffer, cuticle pusher and clear nail polish, shaping and buffing nails, without damage, and creating a smooth, gloss finish. The best part? The Buff Wand is reusable and will last for years if looked after well. If, like us, mum is secretly a sucker for good looks, she’ll be sold on the cute pink carry case alone.


Green Essentials Double Bento Stainless Steel Lunchbox, $29.95

Mum's old Tupperware gets a stylish, eco-friendly upgrade with this handy double bento. Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, and entirely plastic-free, it won’t retain or impart flavours (or degrade into food like plastic can). Mum’s new lunchbox is compact, while somehow boasting a whopping 1400ml capacity and its pressure sealing side clamps make it ideal for housing all but the soupiest of meals.


Sow n Sow Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds, $9.95

Your gift wouldn’t be complete without a heartfelt message, telling mum how much she’s appreciated. But conventional greeting cards, however lovely, are often wasteful and unrecyclable, thanks to plastic lining and glitter. Say it with seeds this year by choosing Sow n Sow’s Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds – chrysanthemum seeds or snapdragon seeds enclosed in beautifully printed recycled paper, with a space for your special words. Mum will be reminded of your love each time she passes the beautiful blooms from your unique, eco-friendly card.

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