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  • Four ways to spot greenwashing: An ethical shopping guide

    Greenwashing is having a red-hot decade. If you’re not already acquainted with the term, it’s a marketing practice which dupes consumers into thinking that a product or brand is more eco-friendly than it truly is. It’s been commonplace for some time, but with recent government crackdowns on plastic production, and more consumers shunning synthetics, corporations are becoming ever sneakier in their marketing tactics. These few simple tips will help you to make healthier decisions for yourself and the environment. View Post
  • Good riddance to bad rubbish: tough new crackdowns on plastic pollution

    To quote Bayard Rustin, ‘we need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers’ – people unafraid to stir the pot and use their voices as a vehicle for change, making others just so uncomfortable that they sit up and take notice. More and more Aussies are standing up for the planet, pressuring legislators and big brands to take action and gently educating at every opportunity. We are seeing a barrage of policy and legislation that will help root out plastic’s chokehold on the environment... View Post
  • DIY beeswax wraps for your zero-waste kitchen

    Beeswax wraps are a fantastic natural and eco-friendly method of keeping your food fresh. With the right mix of beeswax, jojoba oil and resin, you’ll have a versatile kitchen wrap with enough tack to grab onto itself, as clingfilm does, and cover large dishes of food. View Post