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  • Celebrate minus the environmental hate: your zero-waste party guide

    Why are parties so gosh darn wasteful? Who decided that excess brightly coloured plastic was a party prerequisite and saw to it that we dedicate entire department store aisles to this end?

    Yes, we want our parties to be pleasing to the eye, especially when throwing them for our kids but as you’ll see below, there are myriad ways to add colour and delight to your celebrations, without the environmental equivalent of a heart attack.

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  • The eco-friendly traveller: ensure that your itchy feet tread lightly

    It’s easy to be an eco-offender while holidaying, even if you’re virtually Greta at home – think convenient miniature versions of every personal care item imaginable, the temptation to amass pointless travel souvenirs (because, memories), burning through extra fuel, relying on packaged foods and takeaway more than usual and carefree luxuriating in the shower. Look to the following tips if you’d like to see more of the earth, without it costing the earth. View Post
  • Becoming self-sustainable with home permaculture

    If there’s one thing that this year’s Covid drama has made patent to me, it’s that our food security is far from guaranteed. I have long taken for granted that we have wonderful local produce just minutes away at the nearest supermarket.

    If there has been one upside to all of this, it is my renewed interest in home permaculture – putting foundations in place that can sustain my family, reduce waste and create a healthy habitat for coexisting species.

    The extra free time I had, due to ‘rona, was spent delving into home permaculture and I want to share with you some of the home gardening gems I’ve uncovered. 

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