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  • Beyond net zero: Innovations in sustainable tech

    Adversity breeds innovation and, with the world’s brightest minds squared firmly on climate action, we are beginning to witness the awesome potential for regreening our world and keeping the cap screwed tightly on 1.5 degrees warming.  Sustainable start-ups are moving beyond the goal of net zero, towards climate positive ventures that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. Here are our predictions for the future of greenovation … View Post
  • Mother’s Day 2022: The Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

    Ah, our dear mums! Where would we be without them? Whether biological, adoptive, step, or mother figure, we adore the special ladies in our lives, who protect us, guide us, and unselfishly give so much of themselves to help us. Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil them and steer them away from the plastic, and chemical laden beauty products they seem so loyally devoted to! Treat your mama bear, while improving her wellbeing and helping her do right by the planet, by taking your pick from our 2022 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. View Post
  • Pulling at threads: Unravelling the facts about textiles

    The fabrics we invite into our homes are often the last thing we consider when transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Ditching plastic shopping bags and single-use items for reusables is simpler and more obvious than analysing the composition of our bedsheets. But the fabrics we envelop ourselves in are the ultimate reusables, washed and worn countless times, and it’s for this very reason that we should get acquainted with them. Below, we give you the rundown on common textiles and their environmental impact. View Post