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  • Planet-Friendly Presents - A Guide to Sustainable Christmas Gifts

    Traditionally Christmas is a time associated with celebrating with friends and family, gift giving and often indulgence. The trouble is that this also leads to generation of waste through excess and frivolity. However, Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of unloved gifts and disposables a plenty. With some planning and mindfulness, you too can have yourself a planet friendly Christmas. View Post
  • Supporting One Tree Planted with reforestation in Australia - Our reasons for planting trees

    Tree planting is one of the best nature-based solutions to sequestering carbon, rebuilding habitat, and restoring forests, therefore reducing the impact of climate change. 

    One Tree Planted are a global not-for-profit organisation who facilitate the planting of trees across more than 80 countries and to date have put more than 92 million trees in the ground. Since we started planting trees with One Tree Planted in 2020, we have planted more than 750 trees in critical areas of Australia. 

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  • The importance of Plastic Free July

    An annual call to action against single use plastics As Plastic Free July enters its thirteenth year and plastic bans are rolled out by state governments across the country, one might wonder is Plastic Free July still relevant. The answer is a resounding yes, of course! Keep reading to learn why... View Post