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  • Becoming self-sustainable with home permaculture

    If there’s one thing that this year’s Covid drama has made patent to me, it’s that our food security is far from guaranteed. I have long taken for granted that we have wonderful local produce just minutes away at the nearest supermarket.

    If there has been one upside to all of this, it is my renewed interest in home permaculture – putting foundations in place that can sustain my family, reduce waste and create a healthy habitat for coexisting species.

    The extra free time I had, due to ‘rona, was spent delving into home permaculture and I want to share with you some of the home gardening gems I’ve uncovered. 

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  • Plastic Free July is coming, and we are here for it!

    While we’re certainly down for ditching plastic every month of the year, we love Plastic Free July because it draws attention to the escalating plastic crisis and inspires us all to make small steps towards lasting change. Whether you’re a bulk-buying, zero waste maestro, or a reusables novice, there is a way that each of us can make an impact.

    We want to make it easy for you to get behind Plastic Free July, so we are offering a 15% discount on some of our favourite plastic-free alternatives throughout the whole of next month.

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  • Reduce your pet’s environmental pawprint with these simple tips

    There is no question about the benefits of dog ownership on our overall wellbeing. Pets improve our health through companionship and increased opportunities for exercise and socialisation. 

    When it comes to the environment, though, our furry folk can cast a heavy environmental burden.  From plastic pet paraphernalia, packaged foods and meat-laden diets, to the messy methane mounds they leave in the yard – though they may be but little, pets’ carbon emissions certainly stack up. 

    What’s the solution? 

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