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  • Aunt Flo goes eco – transitioning to a cleaner, greener period

    One way that women, specifically, can make a dent in environmental pollution, water wastage and plastic use, is by overhauling their sanitary supplies. Now, more than ever, caring for the earth needs to be at the forefront of the collective mind. Never underestimate your power to effect change.

    There are so many great reusable options when it comes to periods and their gaining popularity has seen them become widely available, with lower price points, making waste-free periods attainable for all.

    Keep reading to learn more about our waste-free period promos.

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  • I bought no clothes for an entire year — here’s why you should consider doing the same …

    At the beginning of 2019, I committed to buying no new clothes for a full year. As I enter the final weeks of this task, I reflect on my reasons for choosing this path, what I’ve learned and how I’ll approach clothing consumption from here on out. In doing so, I hope that I’ll encourage you to embark on a similar undertaking, and become more mindful of your shopping habits. View Post
  • How to recycle obscure items

    Not a week goes by that I don’t come across an odd item that I haven’t the faintest what to do with. A search of Ecosia quickly reveals all, but I’m usually distracted by some lengthy article on green living, completely unrelated to my quest. I’d have saved so much time over the years, if there’d been a singular list, explaining where to direct my odds and ends.

    I’ve put this guide together as a reminder to myself, and to save you time and encourage the correct recycling of materials.

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