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  • Give your Bathroom Cabinet an Eco-Friendly Makeover

    Our bathrooms are a huge source of unnecessary waste. An overwhelming number of bathroom products and toiletries are packaged in plastic and contain harmful, unregulated toxins – bad for you and the environment.

    A zero plastic haven is the ultimate goal and, with Plastic Free July about to wrap up, why not keep that momentum going? Build on the changes you have already made and focus on a new area of your home – the bathroom.

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  • Coming down hard on soft plastics

    Soft plastics are difficult to avoid. Those sneaky suckers worm their way into our homes, regularly. If you visit the butcher, your local deli, or buy pre-packaged foods, you’re sure to come home with a wad of plastic in your shopping. And, while we’ve been able to recycle soft plastics at Coles and Woolworths stores, for several years, how many of us are doing it? And doing it correctly, I might add. As worrying as it is that so much plastic is still sent to landfill, there are positive things we can do to remedy the issue. 

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  • Four simple, eco-friendly kitchen swaps

    Cooking with loved ones is good for the soul, but it can be terrible for the environment, and your health! Common kitchen items are major culprits of household waste, used once and sent to the bin. Love to cook? Love the earth? Check out our line-up of kitchen villains and their eco-friendly counterparts, helping you serve up dinner, without a side of pollution.

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