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  • The Greenie’s Guide to Christmas Gifting

    Okay people, don’t panic, but Christmas is six weeks away! The shopping mall decorations are up, Bublé carols are jingling through my speakers and there’s talk of drawing names for Kris Kringle – yes, like it or love it, festive season is well and truly upon us.

    Little Eco Shop offers a thoughtful assemblage of beautiful, sustainable wares for your every gifting need. With such a diverse collection of goodies, you’re sure to find something to please everyone, even that cranky auntie, who everyone’s scared to get stuck with for K.K. I’ve listed my picks of the season below …

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  • How to create a sustainable business: eco inspiration for a greener workplace

    Sustainability has become quite the buzz word in the business sphere, but what is it exactly? Sustainability asks that we meet our current needs in a way that won’t jeopardise the ability of future generations to meet theirs. In a business setting, sustainability prompts enterprises to consider policies and practices in terms of the long-term human, social and environmental impact, rather than of short-term gains, like profit. In an ever-warming world, with finite resources, home to infinite waste, environmental responsibility has become a business imperative. View Post
  • Celebrate minus the environmental hate: your zero-waste party guide

    Why are parties so gosh darn wasteful? Who decided that excess brightly coloured plastic was a party prerequisite and saw to it that we dedicate entire department store aisles to this end?

    Yes, we want our parties to be pleasing to the eye, especially when throwing them for our kids but as you’ll see below, there are myriad ways to add colour and delight to your celebrations, without the environmental equivalent of a heart attack.

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