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  • Your eco-friendly quarantine survival guide

    2020 sure got real all of a sudden, didn’t it? After the horror of Australia’s bushfire season, we were just beginning to ease back into our lives, to rebuild and carry on, with the resilience that we Aussies are famous for, when Coronavirus unloaded on the world … View Post
  • Going zero waste: the why and the how

    My introduction to zero-waste living came several years ago when a young woman, roughly my age, appeared on Channel 10’s the Project, toting a small jar that she said held one year’s worth of her household waste. I was gobsmacked. Interest firmly piqued, I began researching ways to reduce my household waste and why this was important. Some 67 million tonnes of garbage each year makes its way to hundreds of landfill sites – that’s 2.7 tonnes per person, per year!  

    Keep reading to learn how you can start your transition to zero waste. It’s worthwhile to remember that transitioning to zero waste is just that – a transition. It doesn’t happen instantly, but with one small, consistent step after another. Just like healthy eating or learning a new skill, you might slip up from time to time and that’s okay. Doing zero waste imperfectly is better than not doing it at all.

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  • Aunt Flo goes eco – transitioning to a cleaner, greener period

    One way that women, specifically, can make a dent in environmental pollution, water wastage and plastic use, is by overhauling their sanitary supplies. Now, more than ever, caring for the earth needs to be at the forefront of the collective mind. Never underestimate your power to effect change.

    There are so many great reusable options when it comes to periods and their gaining popularity has seen them become widely available, with lower price points, making waste-free periods attainable for all.

    Keep reading to learn more about our waste-free period promos.

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