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  • Dying for a drop: wise ways to get real about drought

    Do you know that Australia is in the grips of the gravest water crisis in living memory? If you live in the city or the burbs, you’re forgiven for your naïveté. It is a national crisis, farmers are in ruin, wildlife are dying – it should be plastered across our screens and newspapers, but mainstream airwaves are eerily silent.

    If we all do our part to reduce water wastage, we can alleviate the big dry burden on our rural and farming communities. Keep reading for practical water saving tips.

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  • Leave nothing but your footprints at the beach, this summer

    Nowhere is it more important to lighten your eco footprint than at the beach. From here, plastics need only travel the smallest distance to the sea. Toxic personal care products can harm marine environments and even our choice of swimwear can perpetuate needless plastic waste.

    It takes miniscule effort to make mindful choices that won’t burden the beach. Read on to learn how you can be the ocean’s greatest ally, this summer.

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  • Give your Bathroom Cabinet an Eco-Friendly Makeover

    Our bathrooms are a huge source of unnecessary waste. An overwhelming number of bathroom products and toiletries are packaged in plastic and contain harmful, unregulated toxins – bad for you and the environment.

    A zero plastic haven is the ultimate goal and, with Plastic Free July about to wrap up, why not keep that momentum going? Build on the changes you have already made and focus on a new area of your home – the bathroom.

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