Supporting One Tree Planted with reforestation in Australia - Our reasons for planting trees

Supporting organisations that actively seek to make positive change in the world was always a priority when Little Eco Shop was born. The decision to support One Tree Planted was a natural choice with the impact of their global tree program extending beyond the individual trees we pay to be planted.

We want to share a bit more about our tree planting support, the importance of planting trees in Australia and its impact on the environment, as well as highlighting the achievements of One Tree Planted so far.


Who is One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted are a global not-for-profit organisation who facilitate the planting of trees across more than 80 countries and to date have put more than 92 million trees in the ground.

Their mission is to reforest the globe one tree at a time and to support biodiversity, healthy forests and communities. Whilst they plant trees all across the globe in areas of need, due to planned deforestation and natural disaster, it’s their Australian planting program that we specifically support.

Within their Australian Program, One Tree Planted facilitates planting programs to

protect wildlife, restore forests and reduce the impact of bushfires. A mixture of tree species native to the local environment are used, including Acacia, Banksia, Eucalyptus, and Melaleuca.


Why we support One Tree Planted

Tree planting is one of the best nature-based solutions to sequestering (storing) carbon, rebuilding habitat, and restoring forests, therefore reducing the impact of climate change.

For us, reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint is as important in our business as it is for us personally. Supporting One Tree Planted helps us to protect the environment from further destruction, by restoring lost habitat and ecosystems and maintaining biodiversity (mixture of plant and animal species).

Our ultimate aim with using profits for tree planning is to help with local and global reforestation and to ensure that the environment is in a better condition for future generations to come.


Our impact

Since we started planting trees with One Tree Planted in 2020, we have planted more than 750 trees in critical areas of Australia. Many of these trees are in areas recovering from the black summer bushfires. The planting has assisted to create soil stability near waterways (preventing erosion) and transform bushfire ravaged areas into healthy young forests that will inhibit future wildfire.

While our impact has slowed in 2023 due to the increasing costs of tree planting operations here in Australia, we are looking forward to continuing to support the One Tree Planted Australian program.

Every tree we plant helps to:

  • capture carbon dioxide and slow global warming,
  • allow rainwater to be captured by the soil and lessens the risk of erosion and flooding,
  • provide habitat and biodiversity for our local bushlands, and
  • reducing the local temperature of the area planted (by up to 8o C)



The work undertaken by One Tree Planted both here in Australia and across the globe is helping to reverse the impact of deforestation from formal logging programs and from natural disasters. It is this reason that we chose, at Little Eco Shop, to donate 1% of our pre-salary profits to planting trees, knowing that we are doing our best to help the planet with our sustainable products and putting trees in the ground, leaving the world a better place than we found it.


Over to you

We encourage collaboration and community in our mission for sustainability and would love you to comment below if you have any other ideas or information about supporting organisations that do good things.



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