The importance of Plastic Free July

An annual call to action against single use plastics

As Plastic Free July enters its thirteenth year and plastic bans are rolled out by state governments across the country, one might wonder is Plastic Free July still relevant. The answer is a resounding yes, of course! We have caught up with some of our stores brand buddies to get into why Plastic Free July is still important and to find out what they are doing this Plastic Free July.


Why is Plastic Free July still important?

Since its inception in 2011, Plastic Free July has rallied the troops to cut out single use plastic for the month of July and as a result preventing 300 million kilograms of plastic polluting the environment globally each year. We recently caught up with some of our business buddies to see why they feel Plastic Free July is still important.              

Avril from Ecyo, a business with a big single use plastic free mission with refillable cleaning solutions, has told us:

"Plastic Free July is a powerful reminder of the ongoing need to address our plastic pollution problem and our unhealthy reliance on plastic. While for many of us, the problem with plastic pollution consumption, are always front of mind, this is only the case for some. If we want a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future, we need reminders like Plastic Free July to help prompt the general public and businesses alike to change."

The brand behind one of Little Eco Shop’s most popular products, Dunny Drops, also echoes this sentiment of Plastic Free July being a regular reminder about the need to address plastic pollution and make changes.

Rachel founder of The Bare Living Co said:

"Here at The Bare Living Co Plastic Free July is important as it's a reminder that if we all work together collectively, we can and will make a difference. It's about our future generations and ensuring we leave a path that they can walk down, continuing the plastic free journey for many years to come."

It is this collective drive for change that makes Plastic Free July as important today as it was in 2011, as the pursuit for a sustainable way to live and eliminate single use plastics from our way of life. Afterall, we can drive change and influence brands with our actions in avoiding or boycotting products due to the use of single use plastics.


Plastic Free July 2023

When you have been involved in Plastic Free July for a while and have made many changes it can be easy to think there is not much more that you can do for Plastic Free July. Avril (Ecyo) and Rachel (The Bare Living Co) have shared what they are focusing on for Plastic Free July this year.

"As a family this plastic free July we are going to be buying meat for our kids at the butcher and bringing a container with us. It’s been hard for use to remember to do this in the past, but we’re now highly motivated as we found out our local council sadly does not recycle plastic meat trays." Avril, Ecyo.

"This year, The Bare Living Co is committed to a packaging overhaul, we are constantly researching what we can switch over to in our packaging, so our customers are consuming less plastic. It's a slow process, but if we do it right, we'll be contributing to the grand plan of saving our planet." Rachel, The Bare Living Co.      

Avril shares a personal goal for Plastic Free July this year, alternately, Rachel shares with us the business change as the focus for this year, highlighting the diversity of the places to look for inspiration for areas to set goals for Plastic Free July. When you have done as much as you can personally there are many other places to encourage changes including schools, workplaces, and social/community groups.


The journey continues for a single use plastic free world

Plastic Free July continues to be an important marker in the year on mission to cut single use plastic and manage the catastrophic issues that plastic pollution places on the environment. It challenges us to continue to strive for changes in the single use plastic space or recommit to habits that have slipped over time.

Thanks to our brand buddies Avril from Ecyo and Rachel from The Bare Living Co. for kindly sharing their thoughts and goals for Plastic Free July with us all. As a community we can achieve big things.


Over to you

We would love to know what you are up to this Plastic Free July. Please feel free to share your goals and thoughts with us.



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