Junior Tribe Co. Modern Cloth Nappies

LATEST RELEASE UPDATE: Little Eco Shop is thrilled to be stocking all prints from the upcoming Customers Choice release in both Junior Flex Nappies and Night Nappies. This release will be going live at Little Eco Shop at 8pm AEST (9pm AEDT) Saturday 31 Oct. Please be aware I will not have received all stock from JTC by this date so I will not be able to ship all orders out straight away. I will ship them out as soon as stock arrives though.

Did you know?! A baby will go through thousands of disposable nappies in its lifetime and they take anywhere from 200 to 500 years to decompose. Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to using disposables and they are just beautiful on those cute little bums!! We stock Bottoms Up Junior / Junior Tribe Co MCNs as they are gorgeous, reliable and provide a great fit. Junior Tribe Co are adjustable in size so they fit from newborn (4kg) to toilet trained (16kg) and they come with two absorbent inserts that can be placed in a pocket or on top of the waterproof shell.