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Biotuff Compostable Bin Liners 60L 25pk

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Biotuff’s domestic rubbish bin liners are biodegradable and compostable and are made using plant based thermoplastic corn starch resin which is a renewable resource. They provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to using plastic bags in your bins as there are no petroleum additives and they will degrade in landfill or the natural environment (should they ever find their way out of landfill or a composting facility).

They are also a great way of collecting household organic waste such as vegetable peelings or green waste which can then be composted at home. Home composting is an efficient way to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, help reduce methane production in landfill and is also excellent nourishment for your garden. Did you know that by composting, a typical family can reduce more than 300 kilograms of waste each year?

Biotuff’s bags are biodegradable and certified compostable in both aerobic industrial and home composting facilities. And you can rest assured that they’ll degrade in landfill as well, they may just take a little longer (up to 6 months) as they require some form of photosynthesis to break down. 

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Biodegradable and certified compostable to Australian and European standards AS4736, ISO16929, ISO14855 and Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  • Certified home compostable to Australian Standards AS4736 BPI and AS5810
  • GMO free
  • Food grade bags (safe for food storage fridge / freezer)
  • Up to 90 day decomposition
  • Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance
  • Impact toughness and leak-proof
  • Long shelf life
  • Reduced landfill waste and carbon emissions
  • Breathable – great for controlling odour and dissipating moisture
  • 25 bags per roll 

Product Stats: 

Material:  Plant based thermoplastic corn starch resin
Dimensions / weight: 80cm x 65cm, 60L, bag thickness gauge 18 microns
Made in: China

Please note: these bags do not have handles