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Onya Reusable Bread Bag

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Onya’s reusable bread bag has been designed, with vintage style in mind, to replace single use plastic bread bags, plastic toggles and ties. But best of all, it is made from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise been destined for landfill or the ocean. The bread bag has a unique roll and click closure that can continue to be adjusted as the loaf is eaten therefore keeping air movement to a minimum and maintaining freshness. The bread bag also boasts two layers so your bread can be frozen without suffering freezer burn and can be cleaned by simply pulling out the inner lining.    

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Made from foodsafe rPET (up to 10 recycled plastic bottles)
  • BPA free
  • Made to Australian Bakers Industry Standards
  • Freezer proof
  • Fits most loaves including high-top loaves (up to 16cm high)
  • Pull through double lining for easy cleaning
  • Roll and clip closure which doubles up as a handle for easy carrying
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty 

Product Stats: 

Material:  rPET - made from up to 10 recycled plastic bottles
Dimensions / weight: 41cm L, 27.5cm W, 10cm gusset
Made in: China

A message from the manufacturer: The goal for our reusable bread bags is to be able help people to reduce single use plastic waste when purchasing bread from the baker, not to make bread last longer on the bench top.

Although made from recycled plastic drink bottles and technically plastic, the rPET material that makes our bags is woven in nature not solid state plastic like a single use plastic bread bag which is non-permeable for air and water.

Because of the woven nature of the fabric, a solid state plastic bag will definitely prevent air from reaching the loaf better than our bread bags will when storing your bread on the bench top, which is why we mention that bread will only really last 2-3 days on the bench top, and will likely only be suitable for toast after the first 24hrs. As mentioned above however, our bags are Freezer Proof and store your bread really well when frozen from fresh for up to 3 months without freezer burn in a frost free freezer.

Using our lunch wraps or even beeswax wraps to wrap around the end of the bread being cut helps cut down on the exposure to air for the bread, but it is important that the bag can breathe too. Again fresh bread from a bakers, which are often preservative free, will only last 2-3 days on the bench top anyway. It is best to freeze sliced bread from fresh if you want your bread to last a week or two.

Our bread bags are definitely at their best when used to not only collect your bread from the baker, but also for storing your fresh bakery or home baked sliced bread in the freezer.