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Here & After Reusable Cloth Wipes (Pack of 10 or 20)


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These are the bees knees of reusable cloth wipes! They're made of certified organic cotton, ethically made, unbleached and coloured with non-toxic dyes to ensure they are safe for the most sensitive skin. They're also thick and durable so that they can be used for years to come.

These versatile reusable wipes are designed to be used for a multitude of uses - they're perfect as reusable baby wipes, for sticky hands and faces, bath washers, makeup removers, cleaning cloths, or even to replace paper towel in the kitchen.

Users have recommended using a certain colour for a certain job so there is no chance of potential cross contamination. Our mixed packs are the perfect way to get started as each box comes with five wipes in each colour.

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Come in packs of 10 or 20
  • Packs of 20 come in an attractive gift box 
  • Available in 4 colours and now also a mixed pack (20 only)
  • Perfect size for your nappy change station or nappy bag
  • Economical – save money by avoiding disposable wipes
  • GOTS certified (organic)
  • Ethically made in solar powered factory
  • OEKO-TEX certified (no harsh dyes)
  • Washable and reusable
  • Ultra-soft for your baby’s skin
  • Thick fabric means they're really absorbent
  • Easy to clean – if using as nappy change wipes, simply rinse off any debris either in laundry sink or by running a pre-wash or short wash on your washing machine and then add to your normal laundry cycle
  • Versatile product - can be used for a multitude of jobs
  • Replaces disposable plastic baby wipes and cleaning wipes 

Product Stats: 

Material:  organic cotton fabric
Dimensions / weight: 15.5cm x 15.5cm
Made in: India