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Buff Wand

Buff Wand - Glass Nail File & Buffer

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We are so excited to be stocking this amazing and innovative new product at Little Eco Shop. It is new to the market and features impressive nano glass technology rather than plastic or metal like traditional nail files.

These Buff Wands can not only be used to file and shape nails but also buff and polish the top surface of the nail leaving them with a flawless glassy shine that lasts up to 3 weeks. No more need for disposable nail files or chemical filled nail polishes. And best of all these Buff Wands can be used over and over again. Simply wash the glass wand with soapy water and it’s as good as new!

See you in the buff!!

Why have we selected this product? 

  • Replaces regular nail file, cuticle pusher, nail buffer and clear polish
  • Eco-friendly – glass lasts longer than traditional emery board which is made of plastic and sandpaper (which wear down quickly) or metal (which corrode and rust)
  • Will last years if cared for correctly
  • Tempered glass is better for nail health - traditional emery boards and metal files damage the surface and edges of your nails, opening them up to bacteria and fungus and making them weak. Glass files seal the surface and edges which help to prevent chipping and strengthen nails.
  • Traditional nail files are meant to be disposed of and replaced every 3 months as they cannot be cleaned or sanitised so they collect a buildup of bacteria which can cause infections, weakness and breakage. Not the Buff Wand though!
  • Reusable – simply wash in soapy water and your Buff Wand is as good as new

Product Stats: 

Material:  Tempered glass nail file packaged in plastic carry case for protection
Dimensions / weight:
Made in: China