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Ecyo - Kitchen Degreaser Cleaning Pods (for spray bottles) 3 pack

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Ecyo’s eco-friendly cleaning pods are not only an innovative alternative to unsustainable supermarket bought cleaners but they’re also really effective and efficient cleaners. This lemon and lime kitchen degreaser is great at removing grime off stovetops and will leave surfaces sparkling clean while removing grease with ease.

The highly concentrated cleaning pods fully dissolve in water so you can completely avoid single use plastic cleaning bottles while also avoiding the harsh chemicals.

Using the kitchen degreaser spray pods is easy – simply add warm water to an old repurposed spray bottle (or you can purchase a reusable amber bottle here), drop the pod inside the bottle, swirl a few times and watch it dissolve. Then top up with cold water and clean a multitude of surfaces such as appliances, splash backs, kitchen cupboards and kitchen countertops.

Each pod can create up to 750ml of cleaning solution or you can use less water for a more concentrated cleaner. 500ml is a good volume to start with and you can experiment from there.


Why have we selected this product?

  • Dissolvable pods replace plastic bottles of cleaning solutions
  • Considerably reduce the amount of plastic and harsh chemicals in your home
  • Pack of 3
  • Lovely lemon and lime scent
  • Each pack contains a label which can be added to your bottle at home.
  • Grey water and septic tank safe
  • Each pod creates up to 750mls of cleaning solution
  • Strong and effective cleaning power
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Plant based
  • Reduced carbon footprint as you don't need to ship water around the world
  • Packaging made of recycled and compostable material
  • Palm oil and phosphate-free

Product Stats:
Dimensions / weight: 3 pods, each creates up to 750ml
Made in: China (Developed in Australia)
Ingredients: Non-ionic plant-based surfactants (cleaning agent)
Less than 1% Phenoxyethanol (preservative)
Naturally derived fragrance (lemon and lime).

Note from manufacturer: these pods are designed to dissolve when they come into contact with water therefore it's important they are stored in a dry place away from splashing water. Storing in a sealed Tupperware is a great idea. Do not touch the pods with wet hands.