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Here & After

Here & After - Reusable Cloth Nappy Wipes System

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If you are tired of buying disposable baby wipes, want to reduce your environmental impact or need a safer wipe for your little one, this Reusable Wipes System is for you. Designed in Australia by a mum of 3, this product is ethically made in Australia and India to bring you the most useful baby product on the market. It can be used from birth to well past toilet training, can be used for multiple children and is suitable for both disposable and cloth nappy users.

It is designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, making you forget there was ever a non eco alternative!

You only need to purchase this system once, and you’ll be covered for many years of wiping and cleaning.

To set-up the Reusable Wipes System, shake the Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution well and add one pump to your Clean Container. Add water and agitate to disperse the solution. Convenient measurement lines are on the inside of the container to help you gauge water levels. Add wipes and press down to saturate. Tip or squeeze out any excess water and they’re ready to use. Hook the mesh wash bag onto each corner of the Messy Container to create a dry pail.

What is included in the system?

  • Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution (choose from two blends)
  • On-the-Go Reusable Wipes Bag
  • Clean Container
  • Messy Container
  • Two messy wash bags
  • Organic cotton cloth wipes - 25 pack (choose from four colours)


Why have we selected this product?

  • Container made in Australia
  • Save money and enjoy a never-ending supply of reusable wipes and cleaning cloths.
  • Create a healthier home by choosing products that are free from harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, and synthetic fragrances.
  • The reusable cloth wipes are ethically made, certified organic, unbleached, and contain non-toxic dyes to ensure they are safe for tender skin.
  • The solution is formulated for even dispersion in water and made from 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, diluted in a natural solubiliser to disperse through the water and a plant-based moisturiser, clinically proven to reduce skin redness and flakiness.
  • Naturally protect skin and soothe irritation. Organic cotton wipes and wipes solution help reduce redness and support wound healing.
  • Reduce odours and spillage of contaminated water with a leak-proof Messy Container – best used as a dry pail with the added convenience of a mesh bag that goes straight into the wash.
  • No need to hide away your reusable cloths and containers; with beautiful, contemporary designs, these eco-baby products also make perfect gifts for family and friends.
  • Ideal baby gift for a new or expectant mothers


Product Stats:
Material: Plastic containers and organic cotton wipes
Dimensions / weight: 
Made in: Container made in Australia. Wipes ethically made in India


When can I start to use the Hydrating Cloth Wipes solution?
It can be added to the water after your baby is 6 weeks old. Until then, just use plain water on the wipes and store enough for just one day.
How long does the solution last?
When used every 2 days, you should get 3 months out of one bottle.
What is the best way to wash cloth wipes?
We suggest to follow the Clean Cloth Nappies guidelines for an effective wash routine.

Why are white wipes recommended for nappy change time?
White wipes are recommended because you can wash them at a higher temperature and not worry about colour reduction. While the coloured wipes are extremely durable, they may fade over time if washed repeatable on a hot wash.