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Planet Revive - Laundry Peg Bag

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These stunning laundry peg bags adorned with gorgeous golden bees make the perfect storage solution for your eco-friendly wirepegs. Simply bring your peg bag out to the line when you're hanging wet clothes and bringing in dry clothes so you can store all your pegs together safely.

You won't find these laundry peg bags anywhere else as they were designed by Planet Revive and myself and then handmade by Planet Revive right here in Queensland.


Why have we selected this product?

  • Handmade here in QLD
  • Stunning canvas fabric with BEEautiful gold bees
  • Hang your laundry with ease as you reach for your pegs from your peg bag
  • Handy hook that can be hung from your washing line
Product Stats:
Material:  Canvas fabric with wooden dowel 
Dimensions / weight: 28cm x 22cm
Made in: handmade in QLD

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