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Safety Razor Blade Refills


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We believe these Treet Platinum Super Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor Blades to be absolute best blades in the business! They are super sharp, super smooth and guaranteed to provide a more irritation-free shave.

At less than 20 cents per shave, not only is using our reusable Kappi Safety Razor better for the environment, it's also much better for your wallet!

Why have we selected this product?

  • Each pack includes 10 double edged blades (approx. 70 shaves)
  • These blades have been chosen specifically to get the best results for our Kappi Reusable Safety Razor (sold separately)
  • Economical - less than 20 cents per shave
  • Recyclable at end of their life
  • Will fit all traditional double edge razors
  • Feature a special edge treatment of platinum chromium that enhance durability and shaving comfort

Product Stats:

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions / weight:
Made in: Pakistan