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Soka Australia

Soka Australia - Multipurpose Laundry Soaking Tub

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This innovatively designed multipurpose laundry soaking tub was designed by an Australian mum to make your life in the laundry room a whole lot easier all while being kinder to the environment.

The tub contains three removable soaking compartments which are ideal for soaking items separately e.g. delicates vs brightly coloured items. If you’re a seasoned eco-warrior and have multiple reusable items in circulation then this tub is a lifesaver (think reusable unpaper towels in one compartment, menstrual pads in another compartment and cloth nappy inserts in another).

The smaller compartments allow you to save water and detergent as you can soak one or two items separately rather than having to fill your large laundry sink. Grey water can then easily be emptied and recycled in your garden (if appropriate detergents have been used).

But best of all, this ingenious product is made right here in Australia.

Why have we selected this product? 

  • This innovative design is guaranteed to save time and your sanity
  • Reduces your water and detergent consumption and allows for easy water recycling
  • 8 piece unit (4 soaking buckets of differing sizes, 3 draining lids, 1 lid)
  • Compact – all pieces fit neatly inside the main bucket
  • Lid – provides discretion and keeps kids and pets out!
  • The three inner compartments have removable draining lids – great for discretion and for easy recycling of water. The large drainer can also be used as a stirrer so you never have to get your hands wet
  • Durable and stain resistant
  • Stylish and minimalist appearance
  • Space saving – sit your Soka in your laundry sink and still have space to run water and wash your hands in the sink
  • Not only great for the laundry room – can be used to wash the car, wash windows, take camping, use as wine/drinks cooler, dry pail for cloth nappies, storage unit etc.

Product Stats: 

Material:  Durable BPA-free plastic
Dimensions / weight: 30 cm W x 26 cm H x 26.5 cm D, 23 litres combined capacity
Made in: Brisbane, Australia

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